Sunday, June 21, 2009

Boys Galore!!!

Boys, boys, boys!!!!

Brothers and Sisters!

I made these shirts for my friend, Jill. Brothers and Sisters can dress alike!!!

I also made some for Tammie - I'll upload her pictures when I get them! Jill -if you don't mind having C and R's pics on here, I'd love some pics of them, too!

This one's for you, Lauren

My friend, Lauren, asked me about monogramming a sheet. We weren't sure how it would, here you go, girlfriend :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

For My Little Patriot...

Here is the shirt I made for Emma for the 4th of July. Let me know if you want one...what size...


Happy Birthday Thompson and Reagan!

Rob's cousin's both have little ones that are turning 1 this week :) Here are the gifts we are sending them...

Beaches and Boys!!!

I had the pleasure of doing some shirts for my friend Erin's boys...It was so fun to do boyish things :)

I also monogrammed some beach towels for the boys, Erin and myself :)